Welcome to FinBits.net

If you are interested mining cryptocurrency MONERO (XMR) and help decentralize it more, help by running monero mining software on my pool!

First you must have a monero wallet and address to recieve your payments just google monero wallet and use what you feel comfortable with

Recommended mining software to use is XMRig. It's available at https://xmrig.com/

All antivirus softwares will recognize it as malware which it is in theory if installed by un-authorized user and ran without users permission.

 Pool information:

Pool address and port(s): pool.finbits.net:4242 (4040 for TLS)

TOR: 56laskef7zdzxlpfnapler5dngra3ubvjdwtzk5tcuoftwoe6vuoetad.onion:4242

Payment method: PPLNS

Payment threshold: 0.01 XMR

Pool fee: 0.0%

Location: Finland

Check pool and your mining status here


NOTE: Remember to change your wallet address in config/Command-line!

Example config.json for XMRig

 "autosave": true,
 "cpu": true,
 "opencl": false,
 "cuda": false,
 "pools": [
 "coin": "monero",
 "algo": "rx/0",
 "url": "pool.finbits.net:4242",
 "pass": "x",
 "tls": false,
 "keepalive": true,
 "nicehash": false

Example Command-line

xmrig -o pool.finbits.net:4242 -u YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS_HERE -k --coin monero -a rx/0

If you want to limit how much CPU power is used to mine check here

If you have any questions or feedback you can contact me at monero(at)finbits.net

Pool wallet address if you are interested donating your hashes ;) 


Pool software